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About our Instructors

Andrew Kerner made our class diving safe, fun and exciting! He help build my self confidence under the water. He is an awesome "Dive Instructor". :-)


Andrew is fantastic! Love him!


Bob was great. Straight forward, understanding, patient, knowledgable.


There were a few times Mike was unprepared with air tanks and small pieces of gear and such but overall he was excellent. He knew what he was talking about and knew how to portray it well to the group, safety was his first priority, and he was very respectful.


I liked both of them. Both were very approachable, informative and instructive.


I really enjoyed working with Mike. He knows what he's doing and cares about his students


Mary was a wonderful teacher! She answered any and all questions we had and encouraged discussion in class. I hope her the best with her little one!


Great energy, enthusiasm and pedagogy, able to conduct class in great atmosphere while providing safe and relevant instruction. Great humor, made the whole process both fun and safe. Very patient and good natured instructor!


Instructors Bob and Suzanne where really cool people, they were motivational, enthusiastic, friendly and are experts at scuba diving.


Bob is a great instructor and he was very patient while we were practicing the underwater skills.


Bob was great! You can tell scuba is his passion and that he loved teaching new students. He was patient when needed and made sure everyone was safe and comfortable. I'd love to learn all my scuba skills from Bob!


Bob Weeks is an excellent instructor. He knows everything about the area, and about how to deal with students. He's especially good at diffusing any fear a student may have about diving.


Acknowledged her inexperience teaching but her ample experience diving more than made up for it. Made sure to clarify instructions and was patient with us.


Bob and Suzanne Weeks were very motivated, friendly and well informed. Thank you!


Understood fears and very calming.


Very Knowledgeable & enthusiastic


Bob & Suzanne make a great team and both have immense experience diving and instructing. They both take a strong interest in the students' well being. It's nice to see instructors who love the sport so much and are in it for the right promote diving and share their knowledge/experiences. I like the fact that Bob always provides valuable feedback right after a dive on a students performance...what to correct and what to do better. This is very valuable. I also like the contains useful information/ fluff. I also like the fact that the instructors are some ways old school...diving with a weight belt...this is appreciated. I know insructors that have never worn weight belts and could not show me how to ditch and don one !! Granted I know equipment is changing....:)


Very engaging instructor. Ensured our safety.




Bob is a great instructor. I could not have asked anything more. I'm sad that we will no longer be able to learn from him as he seems to know an endless amount of information about scuba diving.


Andrew is a very nice guy, although sometimes I didn't get his cold jokes. I wish I would dive with him in the future, but I might not be in San Diego for a long time.


Bob is truly a great instructor! Very knowledgeable, extremely patient and easily approachable.


Very patient, knowledgable, and detail-oriented! Easily picks up on your trouble spots without you having to ask and corrects them!


Suzanne was an awesome instructor. She explained this well and was very patient.


Andrew was a very motivated instructor who has an amazing amount of experience to draw upon. His ability to connect with every student and make sure that all questions are answered makes him a good teacher. His best quality is his energetic attitude and ability to satisfy the curious mind.


He was great!


Bob and Andrew demonstrated great patience to help me get my buoyancy right. Safety first is definitely on their mind.


(For Bob Weeks)


I appreciated his direct feedback. He seemed to deal fairly well with what must be a very stressful situation - responsible for a bunch of yahoos in a dangerous environment. Thanks again!


Bob was highly enthusiastic & taught at a pace that the students could easily follow.


He taught us the material in a timely, orderly fashion and answered any questions we had about scuba diving.


Classroom was thorough but time consuming. I would have preferred more independent studying and video review followed by testing in the classroom rather than a very long class with clarification on material we could study independently.


Bob was extremely flexible and accommodating. There were students who couldn't get into the UCSD class and he went out of his way to accommodate them. Also, I felt very safe having him as an instructor. No matter what could or would happen, I felt that he was always there and ready to deal with it; or if necessary, come to the rescue! :) Also want to remark on Bob's patience. It can be tricky learning to communicate underwater, but I found that Bob was always very kind and patient.


Bob and Andrew are great instructors and truly care about our safety and enjoyment during this experience.


I suggest that UCSD Natatorium pool need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.


He is awesome!


Bob was great in the pool as well, patient, knowledgable, helpful.


Mike was the best! He was always in a good mood and taught everyone in the class at the level they needed to succeed. He made sure everyone was comfortable in what we were learning. Highly recommend him as an instructor


Same comments apply, this truly was a great experience that sparked a profound interest in Scuba diving in me. Thank you.


Andrew was an amazing instructor, would highly recommend taking him.


I wish Andrew could give me more time to descend by myself rather than help me by pulling me down. I just want to practice and get used to diving without instructor soon.


Andrew was an awesome dive instructor. Extremely helpful, clear, and supportive while always making sure we had a good time. Would take another class with him in a heartbeat.


See all comments.


No comments. Was great!


Bob was great! Really enjoyed the class!


(For Andrew Kerner)


Andrew is awesome. The man is a life saver


He was very good at making suggestions for our improvement in a courteous manner. He also reinforced lessons and techniques that were especially important for us to master.


Bob and Suzanne were both fantastic instructors. They were on time, prepared and even brought the class snacks!


Andrew, bob, sue and the dive masters that volunteered to participate on the ocean dives were awesome. I am excited to dive with and learn from the in the future


Bob and Andrew are great instructors and truly care about our safety and enjoyment during this experience.


Comments About the Classes

Love my coach and buddies!


The overall cost of the class was very unclear. It should be clearly stated that the BCD, regulator, wetsuit, scuba tank, and weights need to be rented separately and are not covered as part of the enrollment cost of the class. This adds a significant amount to the cost of the class.


I'm glad it got done quickly, but 6 hours on a saturday ending late to be at the beach at 6am the next morning for another 6 hours is exhausting and painful. The exhaustion inhibited my abilities in the class.


I had an absolute blast. I thought the locations were extremely convenient, the times were well suited for a college student schedule, my only complaint would be having pool dives the night before early ocean dives. Not only was all my gear still wet but there was one weekend I only got a few hours of sleep before an early morning because our pool dive went late. If this can't be changed its not detrimental to the experience but would be nicer if constructed differently in my belief.


Awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and dives.


Great class!


LOVE this class!!! The class's location and times were perfect for a part-full time student. The description on the UCSD REC catalog said however, that rentals were included in the overall price. While was not a major issue and didn't turn me away from the course, it was a bit misleading. The rentals were no problem actually and were actually priced extremely generously. A big thank you to the staff at Ocean Enterprises for being so friendly and helpful!!


I like the class, the instructors, and the people in the class. I wish I can have more classes like this where you learn real things and use it in real life experiences. This is going to be so great whi I get my scuba gears.


Moved at a good pace, great instructors


This class is a great way to get introduced to scuba diving and helps to establish a good base for diving.


The class was great! I feel like I had enough time to learn the material, apply it in a controlled environment, and then take it all the way to the ocean. I feel very comfortable and confident in my scuba abilities thanks to this class!


Fun class, I personally had a bit of more time on my hands so I thought the class could have been quicker but there was always sufficient time to complete assignments and review things.


The natatorium pool had dirty bandaids that remained the the pool for over a week. This was a bit repulsive. Our instructors on the other hand were wonderful!!


Very challenging and satisfying class with supportive and understanding instructors.


Everyone should get certified-great class


I thought the water in the pool could have been cleaner...I know it does get a lot of use during the summer with various summer programs. If there is one thing I dislike its a dirty pool. Regarding the night dive, it seemed there was some confusion on the expectations that night. I also felt there were too many students out in the same area at one time. So perhaps spacing out the two groups might be helpful, either different spots not too far apart or timing them out. I know it can be difficult with too many students at night.


Very fun and interesting class.


Great class. Lots of fun and the instructor was very helpful w/ people's problems in the class.


The decision to take this class has been one of the best I've ever made.


Thanks Andrew, Bob, Suzanne, Winston, and Shannon for the wonderful course! The experience in general was very nice. However, I did find the size of the class was a little bit too big. I understand the cost issue, but the waiting time is kind of long in the sea. However, the buddies I met were great.


Main gym pool was NOT very clean


The class was great. I'm happy UCSD offers recreational courses in SCUBA.


Class was fun, and reasonably paced (coming from someone with hardly any swimming experienced)


Class was lots of fun.


It was great! However, I wish the pace was slightly slower to learn more difficult skills better.


Class was overall great! Only complaint would be that the Natatorium Pool was fairly dirty. Lots of stuff floating around.


the class is fun, dives are awesome


This was a really fun class. I think it covered pretty much everything I needed to know to get started diving safely. My only complaint is that the reading/videos occasionally felt more like an infomercial for PADI than a lesson.


I think this was a really good class size, and enabled all of us to receive the attention we needed without taking too much time.


The scuba videos were a little bit slow and redundant, but I understand the need for repetition due to the large amount of information. If at all possible, maybe something more interactive. The videos could be assigned to be watched at home


Andrew was an awesome instructor. It was a pleasure learning from him and the dive masters that were there to help at the ocean dives were very helpful. I was able to dive with Dive Master Scott and he gave a lot of useful guidance and encouragement to develop my diving further. The pool that we practiced in was disturbingly dirty. I do not desire to ever be in the pool again after seeing how dirty and unfiltered it is. Band aids, clumps of hair, and even skin could be seen in the water.


Really the only complaint I have is the state of the pool at UCSD's Natatorium. It was pretty filthy.


The pool needs to be scoured for mold. When there are many students in the pool kicking their fin across the bottom, all the black mold in the tiles starts going everywhere.


General Comments

Just a note for the scuba class specifically, the info on the website says book and rental fees were included, but they weren't. So maybe just letting future participants know would help them plan the finances accordingly. But I loved the course


I would love the Aerial Silk Fitness class to be offered at a different time, preferably later in the evening or early morning. Mid-day/afternoon is a hard time for my, and hopefully others', schedule but it is a class I'm dying to take. Thanks so much!


This was well run and adequately priced. The Natatorium pool could do with a good clean up though!!


It is great the way it is. I like how its taught now, maybe they can give this class credit for the class or even expand this to a real UCSD class so we can learn about the ocean while scuba diving.


Rescue diver class or a mixture of adventure dives (other than the ones in advanced) can be added to the class portfolio.


SCUBA specialty classes are a good way to focus on areas students want to pursue/develop. This would include Rescue/First Aid/O2 adminstration. Another valuable class would be enriched air nitrox. The SCUBA program at UCSD is of extreme value to the diving community in the San Diego area. Its nice to be in a program where the focus is on instruction and less on promoting retail sales....hence the unbias is very much appreciated. There are no other SCUBA programs I am aware of in the area that are taught through an academic institution. Keep up the good work Team Weeks!


The fact that this class was offered after hours was perfect. I was able to easily fit the class times into my schedule. I hope the class times continue to allow many people take them.


I envy the UCSD students! They have so many choices of Rec Classes. For the basic OW course, I would strongly suggest future students to double check their rental gears at OE. They totally messed up my gears in the last week. It was solved properly, but it would have saved everyone a lot of time if I had double checked.


surfing=check scuba=check What more could you ask for!


Some more Scuba speciality classes and the rescue course would be great additions.


looking forward to deep dive classes.


I would be interested in horse back riding instruction