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Instructor/Divemaster Requirements

  • Currently in good standing and authorized to teach with PADI
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Vicencia and Buckley or equivalent)
  • Maintain current PADI membership
  • Agree to abide by the PADI Professional Membership Agreement
  • Suggested to carry personal accident insurance (DAN–Diver’s Alert Network or similar) equipment coverage not necessarily a requirement

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    Course Information

    Not all courses are offered each quarter. Check Recreation website for current schedule.

    Divemaster & Instructor Openings

    Part time PADI Divemaster
    Part time PADI Instructor

    We are always looking for experienced and energetic PADI Divemasters and Instructors to support the UC San Diego scuba program.

    Open Water Class is taught at the beginning of each academic quarter and Advanced Open Water Class is taught starting mid quarter. Class schedules are generally set ~ 3 months prior to class allowing staff to confirm availability and commit to supporting the course for the following quarter. Student enrolment limits are set according to staff availability for any given quarter and course.

    Demonstrated skills in the following areas:

  • Ability to work with a culturally diverse population and covering the full age range allowed by PADI standards
  • Anticipates problems and is proactive to prevent accidents
  • Focused on providing the best experience for the students while maintaining a fun, enthusiastic attitude
  • Able to listen and follow instruction from the course Instructor
  • Can communicate clearly with students and Instructors
  • Requirements:

  • Active PADI member in good standing
  • Active Insurance acceptable with PADI Standards
  • Current CPR/First Aid certification
  • Meet all PADI gear requirements at all times
  • Familiar with local ocean conditions and dive sites
  • Prefer divemastes & instructors with logged dives beyond the minimum needed for certification and a variety of experience beyond local San Diego diving

    Typical Schedules

    Open Water Class

    Week 1 - Saturday: Swim Test
    Week 2 - Tuesday Orientation
    Week 3 - Wednesday or Thursday Lecture / Saturday Pool
    Week 4 - Wednesday or Thursday Lecture / Saturday Pool / Sunday Ocean
    Week 5 - Wednesday or Thursday Lecture / Saturday Pool / Sunday Ocean

    Advanced Open Water Class
    Week 6 - Orientation / Pool Refresher (Sat) / Navigation dive (Sun)
    Week 7 - Night Dive (Sat) / Deep Dive (Sun)
    Week 8 - Boat Dive & Wreck Dive

    reActivate is taught in parallel with Advanced Open Water Orientation and pool refresher.
    Other Specialty courses are offered depending on student interest and instructor availability.

    This is NOT full time work. This position best suited for someone who is already living/working in the San Diego area.

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    For consideration, send resume and references: