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Mike Ireland

PADI IDC Staff Instructor 230025

Mike has been a SCUBA instructor and diving safety instructor since 2006, and joined the UCSD recreation department SCUBA instruction team in 2011. In these roles, he has issued nearly 150 diver certifications and over 100 diving safety certifications.

Mikes with stingrays

In addition, he works as a rocky reef survey protocol instructor for Reef Check, an international non-profit organization devoted education, monitoring, collaborative use, and protection of coral reefs and rocky reef ecosystems.

Mikes with jellyfish

As a diver, Mike is closing in on 700 logged dives, spread across five U.S. States and six foreign countries, including California, Washington, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Grand Cayman, Curaçao, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. During his dive travels, Mike has encountered imposing creatures such as tiger sharks, Goliath groupers, and manta rays, and many beautiful critters including blue dragon nudibranchs, harlequin shrimp, and sculptured slipper lobsters. Mike’s favorite California dive site is Monastery Beach just south of Carmel, with nearly vertical rocky reef structure and abundant invertebrate life throughout the dive. When diving in tropical conditions, his favorite site is Pipe Dreams along the western tip of the Kona Coast, with pods of dolphins, manta rays, spotted eagle rays, and large schools of pelagic fish often passing over a reef teeming with abundant reef fish and invertebrate populations. Mike’s favorite cold water diving locations are the pristine rocky reefs along Connemara Coast of western Ireland.


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